Thank you for your support of the many ministries carried out by EVER INCREASING MIRACLE CHURCH - UGANDA. Your contributions strengthen our mission of spreading the message of Christ,

1. caring for others,
2. educating of all ages,
3. finding and caring for ministers in our Disciples congregationssupporting the witness of 42 Disciples local churches across the state as they preach the Word of love, compassion, service and care.
4. maintaining a beautiful Conference Center on Crystal Lake that transforms children, youth, adults, and fellowship groups through Christian nurture in a camp setting,
5. providing Crystal camp scholarships in support of children and youth who could not participate without your help.

We hope you will consider making a recurring gift to support the ministry of the Region on an ongoing basis.

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Start Sponsoring a Child Today!

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $35 a year connects a child living in poverty with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program.

Your support provides:
    1. Medical checkups, which often save lives
    2. Nutritious food
    3. Health and hygiene training
    4. Educational assistance
    5. Access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief
    6. Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
    7. Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.
When you sponsor a child, you'll receive your child's photo, personal story and a child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 10 days.
When children find out they've been sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for your child, and will change your own life as well.

To donate or sponsor a children through Ever Increasing Miracle Church, you can send your in kind donations tgrough our secure online pages;

1. western Unuon

2. money Gram

3. World Remit

4. Wave: +256757737178

or via paypal


Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms. Psalm 68:19.

God carries us to new places of grace as we trust in Him.

Abba, Father, I praise You for carrying me through life. Please give me faith to trust that You are always with me.

We may not always be able to feel God’s arms beneath us, but the Lord has promised that He will never leave us (Hebrews 13:5). As we rest in His care and promises, He helps us learn to trust in His faithfulness. He lifts us above our worries to discover new peace in Him.


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